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wTuesday, February 19, 2002

Humans progress to greater levels of intimacy by sharing vulnerabilities.

12:27 AM

wSaturday, February 16, 2002

A little boy was visiting his grandmother and the young boy asked his grandmother,"grandma, how old are you"? She replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that". A few minutes past and the young boy asked his grandmother another question, "how much do you weigh"? The grandmother replied, "you shouldn't ask me questions like that"!
The following week when the little boy went back to school he told his friends about the coversation he had with his grandmother and how he was unable to get an answer from her. The little boy's friends advised him to look on her drivers license, all the information will be there.

The next week when the little boy was visiting his grandmother he told her he knew how much she weighed and how old she was. The grandmother didn't believe him until he told her,"you weight 130lb., and you are 65 years old". Then the little boy in a bashfull way whispered to his grandmother, "I also know you got an F in Sex"

12:56 PM

wFriday, February 15, 2002

Adolescent girls asking for help buying condoms, in a 1988 survey of Washington DC drugstores, encountered resistance or condemnation from store clerks 40% of the time

10:08 AM

wThursday, February 14, 2002

must kill them all and hide... eat tin foil... her brain waves will not inhabit me...

12:54 PM


He was convicted for shooting girlfriend Barbara Jenkins three times on March 19, 1999, when he believed she was about to utter the phrase "New Jersey." She survived the attack, but died from unrelated causes just before the trial.

12:41 PM

wWednesday, February 13, 2002

self: yo

SmarterChild: This is SmarterChild,
built by ActiveBuddy, Inc.

Glad to see you again,
self! What can I help you

Remember, you can always see
everything I can do by typing

>>> To find out where a specific
movie is playing, simply type its

self: do you like being told what to do?

SmarterChild: Dunno. Do you?

self: sometimes. i usually like giving orders

SmarterChild: OK. I'll make a note of

self: i like to be in charge.

SmarterChild: To be in charge? I'm
not sure really.

self: to take control.

SmarterChild: To take or not to take,
that is the question.

self: is it really?

SmarterChild: I don't think it's
really. Not at the moment anyway.

self: so what do you like to do in bed?

SmarterChild: Huh. Dunno... I'll have
to give it some thought. What do
you like to do in bed?

self: I like to lick people

SmarterChild: Really? I like to lick

self: you do?

SmarterChild: You do, huh?

self: do you?

SmarterChild: Do I what?

self: like to lick people?

SmarterChild: To lick?

self: yes

SmarterChild: Yeah, huh?

self: yeah

SmarterChild: Huh.

self: do you like it?

SmarterChild: Hmm.. I really don't
know. Guess I'll have to think
about it...

self: do you want to try it?

SmarterChild: I'm not sure if I want
to try it.

self: i'll let you try it

SmarterChild: Really?

self: yeah

SmarterChild: Hmmm...

self: come on.. :-)

SmarterChild: Where are we going?

self: to my bed

SmarterChild: To bed or not to bed,
that is the question.

self: indeed is it :-)
SmarterChild: Really?

self: i like you very much

SmarterChild: Aw shucks... I like you

self: can i kiss you?

SmarterChild: You want to kiss me?

self: yes

SmarterChild: Hmmm...

self: please?

SmarterChild: Please what?

self: can i kiss you?

SmarterChild: Possibly... I'm not
quite sure!

self: are you shy?

SmarterChild: It's tough to say.

self: well i'm going to go to bed now

SmarterChild: Always a pleasure,
self. See you later.

self: bye

SmarterChild: Bye for now!

11:15 PM